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Sun Goddess Baseball Hat

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Sun Goddess Baseball Hat

Lightweight and breathable fabric make this hat perfect to help keep you cool.  UPF 50+ will help protect your eyes and skin from the suns harmful rays. Designed to fit the female head and sit above the ears, the back panel allows you to wear your hair however you like!   Vimhue.  One Size

Warm & Bright: Hot Pink, Regatta, Rose, Red

Warm & Muted: Rose, Red, Caribbean Green

Cool & Bright: Royal Blue, Fuchsia, Navy, Raspberry

Cool & Muted: Caribbean Green, Regatta, Aqua, Fuchsia, Raspberry, Navy, Light Blue, Light Purple

0-2: XS, 4: S, 6-8: M, 10-12: L, 14:XL

Brand stock photo models: typically are 5'9" tall. wear size small or x-small top and 25 or 26 bottoms.

illieco models: Ellen is 5'4" and wears size x-small or small tops, size 25 or 26 bottoms depending on the style. Haley is 5'2" and wears a size small top, size 26 or 27 bottoms.

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