Magenta Sky Florence

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Magenta Sky Florence

Intensify your outfit with Magenta Sky Florence. These layered statement earrings offer a soft sway and vibrant purple hue. Enhanced with gold hardware, these earrings add a pop of color to your wardrobe, bringing personality to any ensemble.

14k Gold Filled

Nickle Free


0-2: XS, 4: S, 6-8: M, 10-12: L, 14:XL

Brand stock photo models: typically are 5'9" tall. wear size small or x-small top and 25 or 26 bottoms.

illieco models: Ellen is 5'4" and wears size x-small or small tops, size 25 or 26 bottoms depending on the style. Haley is 5'2" and wears a size small top, size 26 or 27 bottoms.

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